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Mobilize – Equip – Educate – Train (MEET) = ACTION

Don’t Miss this Educational Tour on the Constitution!

Tarin Meet
  • An intense training led by experts to take America back to the Founding Principles.
  • Empowering people to take back our government through grassroots education and action.
  • Designed to coordinate, activate & unite people across the USA & ensure your voice is heard.
  • Assert your Rights to Freedom and Liberty as free citizens of these United States.
  • Take America back to the Freedoms & Rights enshrined in our Constitution.
  • Learn how to become an effective and active participant in your local community.
  • Help shape your country’s future with Action Across America!

Speakers & Guests

Surprise Expert Appearances: General Michael Flynn, Tom Renz, Mel K, etc…

Christie Hutcherson

Christie Hutcherson
  • Geo-Political Expert
  • Strategy Implementation
  • On The Frontlines Podcast
  • National Speaker

Training Subjects:

  • Guarding Against Perils
  • Protecting Our Communities
  • GEO-Fencing
  • Leadership
  • Security & Readiness

Ann Vandersteele

Ann Vandersteele
  • American State National
  • Sovereign Truth Teller
  • Duty Bound Freedom Fighter
  • Right Now Host

Training Subjects:

  • Jurisdictions
  • Corporate Theft
  • Correcting One’s Status
  • Restoration of the Republic
  • Tactical Civic Duty

Dr. Jane Ruby

Dr. Jane Ruby
  • Medical Professional
  • Former Pharma Insider
  • Medical Journalist
  • Host of the Dr. Jane Ruby Show

Training Subjects:

  • Medical & Health Survival
  • Weaponization of U.S. Healthcare
  • Medical & Health Preparedness
  • Navigating Natural Medicine
  • Surviving Snake Oil Salesmen
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